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Related article: Date: Wed, free angels lolit sex 12 Nov 2008 19:01:04 -0800 (PST) From: Bob Archman Subject: Catfish's Miami Adventure 3Catfish's Miami Adventure 3By Bald Hairy ManThis is a story about gay men and gay sex. If you don't like that DON'T read it! You have been warned. It is intended for sexe et lolitta adults to read, not for minors. It loli cp video is a fantasy, not a sex manual. No effort to portray safe sex practices has been made. If you have any comments send them to bldhrymnyahoo.com or bldhrymnaol.com. Juan was a Cuban Marlboro man, handsome and masculine. He had a furry chest and gut and was in good shape. Uncut, his cock was relaxed and totally sheathed in skin. The bulge a half inch in from the tip suggested he would be a keeper when erect. Gene was a golden blond Nordic god. He worked out and while he wasn't a muscle man, he was just a step or two away. His chest was covered younger loli in carefully groomed reddish-blond hair. Gene had been manscaped. He was cut and went from being relaxed to half staff when we met.Gene and I wandered of to the side of the pool. Apparently Juan was playing cupid. I had picked Gene out as a size queen and I had guessed correctly. He didn't suck me. He worshiped my cock. Fortunately he worshiped with his tongue and throat. Eventually I got to suck him. He had a cock that drooped down when he was erect, so it was easy to take the whole thing. The only hair on his body that wasn't trimmed and coiffed was his bush. His cock was nice, but I could breathe when I deep throated him and I like to bury my nose into the bush and inhale the man musk.With a man as handsome as Gene, I was a little uneasy about getting him hot and sweaty. He looked like the kind of guy who might comb his hair mid orgasm in case there was a camera near by. I didn't need to worry. He was into it big time.He was polite and asked if he could fuck me. I said sure. Gene wanted to do me doggy style. I got on my hands and knees and he lubricated his cock. It slid in easily. He had a nice cock, but it wasn't going to the Smithsonian collection of anatomical wonders. However, the downward droop turned my prostate into a sexual punching bag and that was real good.Punching bag is the wrong word. It more like a vigorous workout. His knob was massaging my nut and all was well. I usually top, but sometimes it's nice to make the other guy do the work. From my position on my hands an knees I looked around the pool. I saw a movement in some of the landscaping. A second or two later I saw Tom, the bell boy walking away from the bushes holding something small. I suspected it was a camera. Tom was one of Donnie's friendsLuckily for me Gene popped and gave my prostate a nice sperm bath. He pulled out and rested. I went off and found Juan. I told him about the suspected camera. He called Tom over. I noticed Tom was coming from the locker room. I went to the locker room to see if he had stashed a camera in his locker. The staff had labeled lockers and I had the master key to all of them. Being a locker room attendant can be useful some times.I hit the jackpot immediately. The camera was digital. I checked the memory card and found photos, mostly of Gene and another man I didn't know. There were no photos on the internal memory. I took the card and put the camera back. I hoped Tom wasn't too knowledgeable about memory cards. Either he'd lolitta blowjob think the camera malfunctioned, or realized some one had found him out. I would prepare for each eventuality.I went back to the pool and gave Juan the thumbs up signal. He sent Tom on his way. Juan came over to me."It was a camera," I whispered. "I've got the memory card. Come see me after the party."Juan went off to join the guests. I looked around and saw the other subject of Tom's picture taking. He was a tall, slim older man who was chatting with Gene. He looked oddly out of focus, then I realized he was enveloped in a haze of white hair. He was also very well endowed. I went over to say hello."Catfish, I'd like you the meet the Judge," Gene said in introduction. "This is David." We shook hands. David was a good six feet three inches tall. His cock was close to my eye level."You've got loli lola lol bbs a nice one there," I said as I looked at his cock. "It's the right size for your body. Mine is out of scale."David smiled. "Somehow I bet you don't get many complaints," he said."The good reviews out number the bad ones," I said. "Are you a top?""Most of the time," David said, he reached out and held my cock. "I don't get to see many as big as yours. I saw you taking Gene. Somehow I though you were just being polite. You loli russian ftp look like a top to me.""I younger loli am polite, but it was good too. I'm mostly a top.""Gene is my special friend. I like it when he gets a chance to spread his wings. I'm afraid I'm not a good bottom," David admitted."I use to be a top, but David converted me," Gene said. "I can't get enough of it now."It was getting late and the guest began to leave. Several went up to Homer's suite to spend the night. I helped clean up the place and went to my room. I would be on call for the rest of the night. It was 1:00 when Juan came to my room.He had a laptop with him. We popped the card in and saw the photos. "Oh shit, it's the Judge," Juan said when he saw the first photo. The Judge was David, Gene's friend."He's a judge?""Yes. That is Judge David G. Wainwright, of the Florida Supreme Court. Gene is his lover.""Is he out?"Not at all. His wife is a state senator," Juan said. "It's a marriage of convenience. A scandal would destroy lolitta bikini both of them." He downloaded the pictures to his computer and erased the card. I took the card back to the locker room. The camera was gone, but I put the card in the back corner of the locker. That would puzzle Tom one way or the other. I went back to my bedroom."What xxx lolitta thumbs is Tom like?" I asked."I thought he was a nice kid," Juan replied. "He's sexe et lolitta a friend of preteen loli bbs Donnie's, but seemed on the up and up. He's just been here for 4 months.""When did you first find out about the blackmail problem" I asked."About two, two and a half months ago," Juan replied. "Tom came with good recommendations.""Maybe you could check up on those recommendations?""That I will do," Juan said. He was wearing a robe that fell open. I was in he mood for a night cap so I took a lick."I see you like to mix business and pleasure?" Juan remarked."Is that a problem?""Not at all," he said as lolitta blowjob he got into loli lola lol bbs bed with me. "With all that fun, I still am fully loaded.""I like Cuban food," I replied. "I'm afraid redneck cuisine isn't much of a delicacy, but it's filling." We were both tired so it was a relaxed and pleasant 69 session. We were both soft when we started. Juan swallowed my entire cock for starters. I took his and got my tongue inside the skin and licked his head as his cock grew. Five minutes later I had a mouth full of his Cuban sperm cocktail. He was a good sucker, but I didn't shoot. He asked if I wanted for him get me off. I said no, cum keeps well enough and I could use it the next day.The next day was Saturday and everyone seemed to have slept in. I went to the showers and found Humberto showering. His friend Kielbasa joined us. Kielbasa's real name was Karl. Since we were the only ones there, we had a little show and tell. Humberto wanted to do a little comparison shopping. I couldn't lolitta young porn understand if Humberto and Karl were playmates or lovers. Karl's cock was as impressive as you would expect a man nicknamed Kielbasa would be. Humberto was more impressive than I had guessed. Heavy men sometimes have modest meat, but Humberto was fully equipped.We didn't get down to anything too heavy duty, but Karl said he like to get together for a real fuck'em and suck'em session, if I was willing."If anything I'm too willing most of the time," I said. "You think a guy would out grow that, but I'm usually as horny as a teen ager."Humberto leaned close to me. "As you know from Kielbasa's shrimp covered jock, he's very imaginative. When he says heavy duty, he means it. Is that a problem?""I kind of doubt it." I replied. They went off to loli porn cp bbs dry off and then to the kitchen. I back to my room, got dressed then went to the beach. I was in Miami after all. I had the day free until the evening. I went to Haulover Beach and went to the gay nude area. I'm not much of a beach bunny and had some 38 SPF sunscreen with me. It was 10:00 and the place was beginning to fill up. I was alone for about ten minutes, then two muscle men set up next to me on the left. Ten minutes later six men established nude angels loli themselves to my right. They had chairs, umbrellas and coolers. I went off to the water. I was use to mountain streams and ponds, so the warm water was a pleasant surprise.The warm water and the hot sun had the opposite effect of cold water on my balls and cock. My balls were almost hanging to my knees when I got out of the water. When I got back to my towel I needed to get more sun block on my body. I asked one of the muscle men if he would mind coating my back and damn if I didn't almost get mobbed. The muscle man, his friend and the six other guys were all willing to lolitta bikini help. Apparently they had all been watching me and waiting for an opportunity to meet me. Naked, I make friends easily.The muscle guy's name was Steve and his friend was Raoul, a Brazilian. Ken and Rick were the oldest men in the group to my right. They were with a young couple, Sean and Saul, and two guys who weren't attached, Gus and Ernie. Unlike the night before, the couples here were matched in size. Ken and Rich were the poppa bears, Sean and Saul were the pocket bears and Gus and Ernie were the middle sized bears. They were average in height, as were Steve and Raoul. Oddly one of each pair was furry and the other smooth.All were friendly and every inch of my body was covered in sunblock by the time they were done. loli top 100 pedo Raoul made sure the inside of my ass was protected too. I wasn't too worried that sun would ever shine there, but it established me as a good sport. Ken and Rick's group didn't know Steve and Raoul, but they quickly bonded.It was a pleasant morning. There was no sex on the beach but the scenery was great. It was a hot day, but the sea breeze was good and refreshing. I had little experience with nudity in a non sexual situation. While this was the gay portion of the beach, that was an understanding, not a rule and women passed through and some came with their boyfriends.I was surprised when a blond bombshell named Ronda and black Amazon named Tonya joined us. Both were tall and incredibly buxom. They knew Ken and Rick. Rick was a tall, ginger bear with a massive beard and fur covered body. He looked like a Viking plunderer with loli top 100 pedo his slave girls flanking him. The girls stripped off their bikini tops immediately. They got along with the rest of the men.I went over to play in the water with Raoul and Saul. We were proper when seen from the beach, but under the water it preteenz loli nymphet was more free and easy. We formed a tight group and got to know each other well. No one was shy. When we returned the girls were nude. They were also well hung. My detective skills had failed miserably. I guess this was my, "You're not in Kansas anymore," moment. What tricked me was that Ronda and Tonya were feminine, not effeminate. I haven't ever been interested in effeminate men, but I hadn't considered the possibility of horse hung trans gendered women.Ken was an architect and Rick was an archaeologist. Ken had done a condo for Ronda and Tonya who were well known fashion designers. Sean was an interior designer, Saul was a draftsman teen models lolit working for Ken. Gus was a mason and Ernie was a contractor. Steve was a contractor too, and Raoul was a graduate student.The day turned out to be pleasant. It was a combination of intelligent conversation and ogling of men, mixed with dips in the ocean. Rick and Ken asked me for dinner, but I told them I had to work. They gave me their address and I realized they lived a few blocks from the Coral."Well we just live two blocks away from the beach. Why don't we all take a break from the sun and have a drink at our place," Ronda asked. The guys seemed okay with that so we trooped off to the parking area and drove to Ronda's condo. Steve and Raoul drove with Sean, and I went with the girls.Ronda tended to talk none stop. It was clear she thought I was from another planet. "You know we do get boys playing the hillbilly part, but I don't think I've ever lolitta young porn met a real one. Where does that accent come from?" I explained a little about south west Virginia. She was interested."Well you aren't going to make it into GQ Magazine, but you do stand out in a crowd," she said."You should talk!" I replied. They both laughed."We do have the best of both worlds," Tonya said. "I always thought I was a girl, but loli top 100 pedo boy was I surprised when I hit 13 and it started to grow. It was quite small when I was little. Some of our trans gendered friends think I should have it taken off.""That seems like a terrible way to treat a cock," I said. "Can't you just think of it as the world's biggest clitoris?"They laughed, "You understand us!" Ronda said. "I thought I was the only one in the world who thought that way illegal loli sex until I found Tonya. We are peas in a pod. Now when we get home you watch and see who goes after us. I'll put my money on the muscle men." We were at their condo. They drove into a garage and took an elevator to their unit. When we got to their condo it was spectacular. It was on the top floor of a twenty story building with views in all directions. The floors were mahogany and the place was filled with antiques and paintings.Ronda got drinks for us while Tonya put out bottles of poppers and tubes of lube. I was standing next to Rick. "The perfect hostesses?" I commented."Did I mention I like the taste of a cock that's been soaked in salt water?" Rick asked. He sank to his knees, pulled down my trunks and began to suck. That event served as the starting gun. I had seen all of them naked, but it was nice to see them hard. Ronda attracted Steve, one of the muscle men, and Sean went to Tonya. Sean was young loli thumbs a pale Irishman, with delicate features and a smooth body.Saul came over and joined Rick and me. He took Rick's place at my cock. The group was into sharing it seemed. While some of the men may have been partnered, it turned into a free for all. Everyone was generous and willing to share. I should have guessed from meeting them at a nude beach, no one was shy.All the ogling on the beach and the feeling out under the surf seems to have generated pent up urges. Those urges exploded into a wild half hour of no holes barred fun. I fucked Rick for a while. Mid screw. Saul poked me in my ass. His cock was a big knob on a thin shaft and it was free angels lolit sex a good fit. It was the perfect size to hit my prostate. Like a nervous kid at a Junior High dance, Ernie asked if he could cut in. Saul graciously pulled out and Ernie's cock filled my ass.Ernie was a thin, bald man with a hairy chest. He was a bit shy and we hadn't talked much on the beach. His knob was as big as Saul's, but his shaft was much longer. He liked long, deep thrusts and that suited me fine. I had been happily pumping away lolicon fisting at Rick's ass until he popped and coated my chest and gut with his cream. I let him up. Ernie sat in a chair and I sat right back on his cock again. That's when I discovered lolitta bikini Tonya was into cum covered fur balls. She came over to us and began to lick my chest clean of Rick's spooge. Sean was right behind her. As as she licked me, he fucked her. Sean was short and must have been the whitest man I had ever seen. He cock was rock hard, curved up and was crowned with a bight pink head. It was a pretty scene as that pink head vanished in Tonya's chocolate brown ass.On the other side of the room, Gus was sucking Ronda while Steve and Raoul played with Ken. I was doing a little hula dance on Ernie's preteen loli bbs cock when it twitched. My prostate gave up the fight and let it rip. I had two days of cum stored in my balls and by the time I sopped ejaculating, Tonya looked as if she had been frosted. Sean pulled out and sprayed Tonya's back She was covered front and back. She was also very happy.She preteen loli fuck videos stood up and I stood up. When I did, my cock bushed against her cock and damn if she didn't shoot off. I got spermed again. I was too preoccupied to know what the other men were doing, but if cum dripping from a cock is any indicator, everyone had a good loli orgasm time. I had to get back to work so I showered and Ken gave me a ride back to my car. He made sure I knew his address.The Coral was getting back lolicon fisting into normal operation after the party. When I came in the lobby, Juan was occupied with guests. I went to my room, changed into my Coral uniform and went to the locker room. The morning man was a Cuban named Jose. He was 25 and cute, but wasn't as sincere about cleaning up as he should have been. I started to clean up the place. Tom came in and went to his locker. I heard young loli thumbs him exclaim, "Shit, there it is!" I smiled inwardly.Donnie came in. they had an unpleasant conversation that I couldn't hear much of. I did catch the phrase, "You fucking screw up!" All was well as far as I could tell.Jose appeared. I noticed a loli cp video wet spot on his pants where his cock was still dripping. He was lazy as far as cleaning, but he did know how to keep the guests happy. Denny came in and looked around the room. "Thanks for cleaning things up," he said to me. "Jose was busy.""No problem," I said."Jose's Juan's nephew, "He here as a charity case to help out Juan's sister," Denny explained. "She's a widow and Jose's a bit hard to employ. The guests love him. He does have one skill.""I guess we all go with what we've got."I went out to clean up the pool area. Ran was there with Haider and two other Sikhs. They were hairy dark skinned men wearing turquoise turbans. All were wearing Speedos, so there was little left to the imagination. Ran introduced me to Ram and Gurpal. They were business associates of his. This was their first trip to the United States. They had that odd Indian accent with BBC English as modified by watching American movies. They were computer designers.We talked for a while and they were amused. One mentioned the cement pond, and I realized they saw me as a Beverly Hillbilly. They weren't nasty or condescending, they were just amused. I had to get back to the locker room so I left. Ran came in a few minutes and ask if I might stop by his room that evening. I asked what time. He said ten. I had a date.Juan came by later. He had been checking on Tom. Several of Tom's references had been bogus, so he had a cousin of his checking up on the boy. I don't know if there is a Cuban mafia, but from the way Juan said it, I guessed Tom was in deep shit. He had also seen Donnie being picked up by a sugar daddy in a big Cadillac. He recognized the driver as a local politico. He didn't remember the name but he knew he was arch conservative. Judge Wainwright wasn't conservative at all.
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